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Quality Control

To obtain consistent uniformity in batch production and quality control, we have experienced team of Quality Control & Quality Assurance professionals.

Our products have been passed through stringent quality parameters such as Microbiological, toxicity, Mutagenicity and efficacy assessment following the national and International guidelines.

In our Quality Control Department, our products are tested for identity, purity and strength of the raw materials and the final product. We carry out macroscopic, microscopic, and other physical tests for selection of medicinal herbs.

The raw materials are further tested for presence of foreign matter, solubility factor as well as insolubility factor, total ash content, estimation of volatile oil content / active constituent of the herbs in order to obtain genuine raw material, free from contamination and adulteration.

The product Samples are further tested in our microbiological lab for the presence of Microbial contamination such as Total Bacteria Count, Total Fungal Count, E. coli, Salmonelia, S. Aureus, Pseudomonas, etc. including aflatoxins. In our instrumental laboratories we also test our product for the presence of heavy metals such as lead, copper, arsenic, mercury and cadmium.

To maintain Batch consistency checks are carried out at various stages of production by adopting Standard Operating Procedures by Manufacturing Chemist and Quality Control experts. The final batch is released for sale after being certified by Quality Control /Assurance team.


One of the biggest foibles of the herbal medicine has been variable responses, either due to variations in sources of the herbs or due to differing storage conditions. ORENA Naturals maintains high-quality standards in manufacturing, storage, packaging and distribution for predictable results.


High-Speed Packing is ORENA Natural’s forte. The machines for filling, sealing, and labeling are all planned and programmed to give this kind of high output. The skilled operation ensures the best quality of blister strips for the capsules and tablets.

Before final packing, the strips are checked and tested for leakage as per set quality parameters. Quality Assurance plays its role everywhere and ensures a quality product to the consumer.